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Robert Summa: Health Coach and Founder | Advanced Fitness & Nutrition LLC

ISO-9001:2015 Certified Expert: Master Health Coach, Nutrition, Weight Loss, Sports Nutrition, Ketogenic Diet. 

*Primal Institute Master Coach

Welcome to our professional and personal website, where you can learn about our services, and professional experiences.

The rare and unique opportunity to work with experienced certified experts & consultants that practice BOTH nutrition and fitness is the safest and most effective way... and from personal experience I would add only way... to achieve your health and fitness goals.  We have been consulting, in private sessions, for years with terrific success.  We have practiced the opposite extremes ends of helping individuals lose over 200 pounds, to helping multiple women in their 30s-40s place first in Bikini and Figure competitions

We are not your typical 23 year old gym rats-turned-inexperienced personal trainer  

We are professional consultants for professionals.  Our time, like yours, is extremely valuable.  We believe in working smart to get maximum results with minimum effort, and that includes gym time. We are not for everyone.  If you are committed to invest in yourself to learn the true and tried science-based basics for losing weight, maintaining, and sculpting your best physique potential, then we are the consultant team for you.  No fads. No trends. No BS!

Shannon Davis: Managing Director & Celebrity Dietitian "The Biggest Loser"  

"AFN LLC teamed up with BEST Atlanta has to offer!"

Registered Dietitian, Certified LEAP Therapist, Certified In Adult Weight Management, Certified Advanced Sport's Nutrition

The Body Sculptor, Inc. AKA: "Biggest Loser" trainer, Dolvett Quince

The University of Georgia

Shannon Davis, Atlanta's Registered and Celebrity Dietitian, Model, and 1st place Bikini Champion!

Shannon specializes in: Counseling, patient relations, public speaking, weight loss and exercise, Diabetes education, medical nutrition therapy, protocols, quality control, research, communication skills, efficiency, sales. Trained in immunology, adverse food reactions, and practical application of dietary treatment for food-sensitive patients

Shannon also worked for years with "Biggest Loser" celebrity Dolvett Quince to provide Nutritional assessments on his clients to determine nutritional needs/deficiencies. She analyzed and provided feedback on food journals. Created personalized meal plans based on specific needs (travel, medical conditions, etc.). Taught clients how to buy, cook, and prepare healthy meals. Implemented Behavior Modification.  Created exercise/training program for clients, while teaching proper exercise form. Lead group exercise classes. Conducted grocery store tours, teaching clients how to read labels and make healthy choices.