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Free Initial Phone Consultation

Comfort and trust are essential fora coaching relationship.  Although a consultant's qualifications and experience is important,choosing a qualified expert is a matter of personal chemistry. Good rapport assures that you will feel able to talk freely and develop an authentic relationship and trust in a health coach.

For this reason I offer a free initial phone or e-mail consultation. I use a very relaxed approach; so we can just talk about why you're considering my services. I can answer your questions, ask some of my own, and give you a good idea of whether I can help you achieve your goals for coaching. You can gauge your comfort level and decide whether you'd like to schedule an appointment.  The choice is yours!

Please use the Contact Form in the right hand column for more information or to schedule your free consultation. Please leave your phone number and a good time to contact you.  Otherwise, I will email you back.

All consultations are strictly confidential. 


My Approach

I practice a positive, down-to-earth approach that focuses more on the nature of well-being (and how to reach it) than the nature of dysfunction (and how to dissect it). It builds on the "impulse to wellness" inborn to every person for well-being.  Seeking help is a sign that your impulse to wellness is urging you toward change. I help you create this change by building on your existing strengths, insights, and skills while cultivating new ones.

Of course there can be times when you need motivation as the comfort zone of previous unhealthy habits crowd out the impulse to wellness.  That is part of the cycle and and important part of my coaching support.

Many clients meet their initial goals with a handful of counseling sessions. Others find the support and self-development to be a valuable ongoing influence in their lives and choose to continue longer-term. Whether short-term or ongoing, growth-oriented coaching is a powerful positive force.

How the Consultation Program Typically Works:

  1. Free Initital Phone Consultation
  2. First meeting: Introductions, assessments and goals, current diet and habits etc.
  3. Second Meeting & F0llowing: Receive and review your personal program based on initial assessment and goals
  • Receive your nutritional and fitness course ware, guides, supporting documents
  • * Follow up sessions as needed, required or requested.
  • ** Optional: Grocery store field trip (advice- helpful tips- pitfalls-reading labels) 
  • ***Personal Training references available

Pricing & Payment Options

I accept: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, PayPal and cash.

Initial Phone Consultation is Free

  1. Initial Assessment Session (75-90min): $  (includes my post session time evaluating and customizing a plan)
  2. Second session (60-90min): $  (includes review of your program, and all supporting guides, etc)

Total $  (In two separate payments. $ due upon each scheduled session) 

Additional Coaching Sessions as requested or required:

  • Each follow up session (50min): $ 
  • Grocery Trip (90min): $ 


Weight Loss

Sports Nutrition

*Personal Training

+95% Success Rate

Please contact me using the form below :

If you are interested in my consulting services, have questions, or if you'd just like to learn a little more: Please leave your name, email/or phone number and a good time to reach you. I'll email or call you back at my first opportunity!


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